Bruna Redoschi

Registered Psychotherapist.
I am a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario, originally from Brazil, where I received my training in Psychology. My professional path has always intertwined one-on-one therapy with research. In my training as a psychotherapist, I have encountered many situations where the individual creatively worked toward their well-being, but their context presented them with unjust and unjustifiable challenges. Research became my tool to contribute to a more just and equitable context for all. My experience in research includes work in Social Psychology and Public Health, focusing on health inequities.

As a therapist, I work from a Person-Centered approach. I focus on building an authentic space where the individuals can freely express themselves, knowing they will not be judged but will also have my honest engagement. While I can support you through your journey and bring things to your attention that you might have missed, it is your journey, and I will respect it. A central value for me, which I carry through research projects and the therapeutic setting, is that people are the experts on their own lives. I sincerely appreciate the diverse perspectives and experiences that each person brings to the session. I am committed to maintaining an attitude of cultural humility and creating an inclusive space for all clients.

I work with youth and adults of all ages.

I offer my therapeutic support in English & Portuguese

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